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My biggest concern when serving my patients is that I do what’s best for their long-term oral healthcare. It’s easy to do a quick cleaning but if what a patient really needs is a deep cleaning due to periodontal disease then that’s what we tell them. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming and people don’t want to hear about these extensive dental plans. Everything we do is geared towards keeping the teeth. Saving what we can save and really optimizing their oral health.
A healthy mouth is a healthy body and we really want people to understand what we’re doing. My other biggest concern is that patients understand the treatment plan. Sometimes they smile and they nod. And then they come back in and they don’t know what we’re doing that day. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

I want patients to know what’s going on. I want them to take charge of their treatment plans. I want them to really understand why we’re doing what we’re doing. I encourage people to ask as many questions as possible. Come in and do consults over and over if they need it because I really want them to know why we’re doing the things that we’re doing. And that it’s all for their benefit. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

Tulsa Dental is located in the Midtown Medical Plaza, off of Harvard and 35th street. We chose this location because it’s in the heart of the city, and it’s conveniently off of the Broken Arrow Expressway. Also, a lot of people don’t live in Midtown but they work here, so they find it very convenient to be able to stop in after work, get their dental care done and then go home straight from here. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning