Oral Hygiene

Cleanings: We offer a wide variety of hygiene services from basic cleanings to deep scaling for periodontal disease. Our trained hygienist will evaluate each patient individually and determine their needs to ensure optimal oral health.

Night Guards: We offer custom night guards for people who grind their teeth or have mild sleep apnea. We also offer fixed and removable retainers for those who have completed orthodontic treatment. Custom mouth guards are also available for athletes.

Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride Treatment is offered to all of our patients, since it is proven to be effective at protecting teeth from factors that cause decay.

Sealants: Sealants are offered for baby and adult teeth to help seal the tooth surface to prevent decay due to sticky foods and drinks. They are typically placed in the pits of the teeth, since those are the areas most vulnerable to decay. This is a quick procedure that does not require anesthesia, please talk to your hygienist.

Everyone is really busy. I think it just comes down to making time for yourself, taking care of your oral health, being on the offensive and preventative side of things. We’re getting to the end of 2016. A lot of people haven’t used
any of their benefits this year. I encourage you to come in and get your cleanings done, get your x-rays done so
that we can get you on the right track. A lot of people have also mentioned that they don’t have dental insurance and that’s okay. We’re always willing to work with people and if you go to our website, tulsadentiste.com, you
will find all the specials that we’re running for insured and uninsured patients. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

The best advice that I can give people is prevention. Brushing and flossing twice a day, keeping up with your six-month cleanings. All of that is preventative so that we can address issues before they get out of control. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

When you come in only when you’re in pain, it puts you on the defensive. It leaves the dentist and the patient with very few options. We really want people to stick to the six-month cleaning schedule or a three-month cleaning schedule if they’ve been diagnosed with gum disease. This way, we can always catch things a little earlier and make sure that we leave ourselves with multiple treatment options.  Tulsa Teeth Cleaning