Restorative Dentistry

Tooth Colored Fillings:
Tooth Colored FillingsOften referred to as “white” fillings, these composite resin fillings are used to restore teeth to their natural appearance and function once the decayed tooth structure is removed.

CrownsA “cap” that is placed onto a tooth after the dentist has prepped it.  It encompasses the entire tooth and is an excellent way to restore function and give the tooth longevity.  A crown is needed to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by large fillings or fractures or after root canal therapy has been performed.  Crowns can also be used to cover dental implants and to restore a favorably cosmetic look to a discolored or malformed tooth. Modern crowns are made from porcelain, ceramic, zirconia or porcelain fused to metal and cemented onto the tooth.  Dr. Hanna will discuss the best material for you based on your dental habits (such as grinding) and your aesthetic concerns.

Dentures: Dentures are prosthetic (fake) teeth placed onto an acrylic base for the purpose of replacing all or just some missing teeth.  A complete denture replaces all the teeth and an partial denture replaces only a few missing teeth.  There are many new materials used now that have the appearance of your natural gum tissue and several shades of teeth that are matched to your existing teeth.  These dentures are removed daily for cleaning and sleeping.
Bridges A bridge is a set of three or more crowns that are used to replace a missing tooth/teeth. Unlike dentures, bridges are fixed in the mouth and do not come out.  A bridge consists of a pontic (false tooth) and attached to the two adjacent teeth with crowns. This literally “bridges the gap” with a continuous set of crowns. Several different materials may be used depending on your dental needs.

Implant Crowns:Implant CrownsAfter a dental implant is surgically placed and has integrated into your bone, it is then ready to receive an abutment and crown. Abutments are the connectors between the implant and crown and make for a stable base for which the crown can sit on.  Once the crown is placed onto your implant, form and function are restored and you can use your implant again like all your natural teeth.


Here at Tulsa Dental we provide a lot of cosmetic dentistry procedures. That includes tooth whitening, replacing, silver fillings for white fillings. It also includes veneers and crowns. Basically, it’s anything outside of preventative and restorative dentistry. Things just to make your teeth whiter, brighter, prettier, change up your smile a little bit. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning
We are really set on people having good oral health care though before they get those cosmetic procedures. If you’re looking for Tulsa teeth cleaning, we encourage you to come here, see our hygienist, get your teeth cleaned first and then discuss your cosmetic options. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning
Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes but not always covered by dental insurance. We really encourage people to come in to Tulsa Dental, have a consultation with myself, Dr. Mariam Hanna, DDS, and we can discuss what’s covered
and what’s not. We can always send off to insurance company for pre-authorizations. That way patients always know what their portion is expected to be. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning
The things that a lot of patients want are considered cosmetic. What they need is also what’s important to me. Here at Tulsa Dental, we want to combine what you want and what you need. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning
As far as cosmetic procedures go, that can include anything from teeth whitening, to veneers, to crowns, to replacing silver fillings with white fillings. We always encourage people to come in, talk, find out what you need first. Whether it’s getting your teeth cleaned here or having a more extensive decay removed. And then we get to our cosmetic procedures once we make sure that you’re in the best oral care you can get. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning
My name is Dr. Mariam Hanna, DDS. My dental practice is Tulsa Dental right in the heart of Midtown Tulsa. We really want to offer comprehensive dental care. And we find that by keeping everything in-house as much as possible.
We are able to control the outcome of your dental work. That includes cosmetic procedures. We don’t like sending people out for a lot of that because they come back and it’s not exactly what we had in mind. The patients are
a little disappointed and we’re a little disappointed. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning
We work on keeping everything here whether it’s your crowns, or your veneers, or your bleaching because we really want to keep everything consistent. If you’re watching this, and you’ve always considered having some cosmetic procedures done, the first thing I would encourage you to do is go to
Check out our website. See if it helps clarify some of the questions that you have.
You can always schedule an appointment through our website or you can just give us a call here. It’s 918-597-3535. Schedule a consultation, come in, let’s have a talk and see what you’ve like to have done and if that’s a good option for you.