“Go ahead, change dentists! Finally, a dental visit that isn’t dreaded! Dr. Hanna, and her entire staff, seem genuinely committed to patient comfort and satisfaction. ” – J. Daniels

“Definitely the best dentist in Midtown! It is so nice to finally find a dentist that is affordable and does great work!   Definitely a nice change when you walk into the office!  “ – Joe L.

I’ve been going to them for several years and I’ve always had good experiences. I love their hygienist, Anne and think she does the best cleanings in Tulsa.  – Dr. Nicholas H.

“Dr Hanna is my dentist. She’s amazing & very professional. She’s also caring about her patients & very honest. The staff is very nice too.”
Dr. Dina Amin

“Dr. Hanna was my dentist in New Orleans. She was very competent and honest. Highly recommend! ”
Christina M.

“It is a great office, very efficient. I felt welcomed from the moment they answered the phone.  After discussing that I was unhappy with my previous dental care, she made sure to walk me through everything.”  – Amanda W.

“Dr Hanna was my dentist for many years, then I had to move away. I wish I lived closer so that I could still go to her. :)”  – Shaul Shamai

“Dr Hanna is amazing & very professional. She’s is very honest and caring, and keeps the prices very reasonable.  I enjoy the staff too. ” – Moheb Paul

“Dr. Hanna has been my dentist for about 2 years now.  The office is a lot of fun, and they give great care. I can’t wait to see all of the changes in the new office. They are always joking around that they are the office with Nitrous and Netfix…what more could you want?”  – Melissa Lay

“Dr. Hanna and her staff is very professional. Her hygienist is very good. I felt very welcomed when I came to my appointment, which was very appreciated!”
Piper K.

“This office is such a nice place with an amazing staff, everyone was so friendly and helpful! Not to mention my teeth seemed cleaner than they have ever been! If you are needing a new Dentist, go to Dr. Hanna! “  – Danielle Bustillos

When Dr Hanna practiced in New Orleans, she was my dentist. I have always had some anxiety when having dental procedures.  But Dr Hanna made me feel comfortable when she filled my cavities and I did not feel a thing! Even though I have a difficult work scheduled, she always got me in, and the office ran like clockwork.   – Dr. Stacy Mandras

Dr. Hanna is a great dentist and very professional. Her office from the front desk to the hygienist, made me feel at ease. Would recommend to anyone!
Dr. Richard Kacere

“I have known Dr. Hanna for many years and found her bedside manners to be second to none. She is very honest regarding any treatment that is needed.  I will continue to go to her for many years.” – Sarah Guirguis

“Dr. Hanna’s office is Beautiful. Her staff is very personable. She is fantastic and has a way of treating every patient like family!” – Jackie Karpman 

  “This is the nicest dental office I have ever been to. It gives you the feeling of flying first class with all of the new equipment and accommodating staff. “
– Kevin Allen

“Dr. Hanna has great hands and a great attitude.  She would still be my dentist if she didn’t move.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dentist.” – Paul Michael

“It is great to be greeted with a smile.  The service that her staff gives, is exactly what you need when having to go to the dentist.  Dr. Hanna has a way of making you feel like a friend!”Dr. Ravi Kode

“I would highly recommend Dr. Hanna and Tulsa Dental.  She is very professional and has a great staff that makes you feel welcomed.” –– Dr. Adam Karpman

“Dr. Hanna utilizes the latest technoloy, and has a very gentle approach.  She gives the patient peace of mind when having dental work completed.  Her office feels different than any other dental office I have been to. “- Tim Redmond

“Dr. Hanna’s new office looks great.  She is very polite and takes the anxiety out of going to the dentist. ” – Justin Mashburn

“Dr. Hanna is great about staying on time.  She is very caring and professional, she is the best!” – Dr. Heather Cha

Great dentist with a beautiful office.  Dr. Hanna spent time answering all of my questions regarding the work that was needed. – Dr. Robert Haas

I’m Dr. Mariam Hanna, DDS. I want to really thank all the patients who have left some really great reviews on our Google
and Facebook pages. It’s really a compliment of the highest order for patients to refer a family or a friend. It means they trust you. It means they like you. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning
Here in Tulsa Teeth Cleaning, you have a lot of options for your dental care. And so, we really thank each and every one of our patient who have taken the time to recommend and refer people. Some of the best compliments we’ve gotten online is that our staff is friendly and caring. That the office doesn’t feel like a dental office because all of those things are things that we worked really hard to accomplish here in Tulsa Teeth Cleaning.
Tulsa Teeth cleanings have been a breeze for people. They’ve come in with our hygienist who is wonderful. They’ve had some nitrous, they’ve laughed a little bit. And they’ve gone home with really good oral healthcare.