Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy:Root CanalRoot Canal Therapy is a procedure that removes the nerve and blood vessels from the root chamber of the tooth after it has been damaged by decay and infection. After the removal of these structures the canal is cleaned out and disinfected then refilled with rubber filler material.  A filling is done to restore the shape of the tooth which is then prepped for a crown.  A crown will help protect the tooth from breakage and allow for normal function again.

This is Tulsa Dental. I’m the owner dentist, Doctor Mariam Hanna, DDS. A lot of people dread the word root canal. A root canal is a regular dental procedure where the decay has reached the nerve, and then the nerve has to be taken out of the tooth, and the tooth cleaned out and restored back to a functional state. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

It usually requires a build-up and a crown after the root canal is performed but patients are numbed for the procedure and it feels just like you would any other filling. The most common question that people ask about getting a root canal is, “Is it going to hurt?” I always tell them, “Absolutely not.” Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

We numb you up the same way we would a filling or any other invasive procedure that we do. We perform the procedure, close it up, and restore it back to function. The root canal is just a way to remove the nerve, clean out the decay and restore the tooth. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

The first step I would encourage people to do is come in for their Tulsa teeth cleaning here at Tulsa Dental, find out what’s going on. A lot of people tell me, “I think I need a root canal.” They really don’t, which they’re always relieved to hear. Other times, they really do. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

I would encourage you to come in to Tulsa Dental, have your exam, your x-rays and your teeth cleaned and find out what’s really going on. That’s the only way to really diagnose a root canal is for us to see it on the x-ray and to find out what symptoms you’re having. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

I encourage you to go to our website at and you can even book an appointment for your Tulsa teeth cleaning off of our webpage. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning