Sedation:SedatiuonWe offer a variety of sedation options. Many of our patients request Nitrous gas (laughing gas) for small procedures like cleanings as well as extensive procedures like extractions. For our more anxious patients, we do have oral medication that can be prescribed in advance and taken the evening before and the morning of your procedure, with an escort.


My name is Dr. Mariam Hanna, D.D.S. I started Tulsa Dental in midtown Tulsa. Teeth cleanings are our number one priority here. Getting patients in to have good preventative oral health care is our priority. A lot of times though patients are nervous and anxious and they require sedation. We offer a lot of different sedation options. The most common one is laughing gas which is nitrous oxide gas. Patients like that because they can leave here and still drive home. The other option is a stronger oral sedation. Those are prescribed drugs that we give patients the night before and the morning of surgery as long as they have an escort. The biggest question that people have regarding sedation is, “Can I drive myself home?” Depending on the type of sedation they have, it is “yes.” If they just have nitrous gas in the chair and after they’ve been on oxygen and they feel good, they can drive home. If you’ve been prescribed an oral medication for sedation, you have to have an escort. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

My name is Dr. Mariam Hanna, D.D.S. and I did a general practice residency at LSU Charity Hospital in New Orleans. During that year, I received a conscious sedation license where I was trained to put patients to sleep through IV conscious sedation. I also was able to practice on a lot of different patients with nitrous gas and oral medication. I think that’s really helped me to manage my patients in the practice. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

My goal here at Tulsa Dental, when it comes to sedation with patients, is to be safe first and foremost. We never want to over medicate patients, and we always want patients to be able to leave here having had a good relaxing experience. Here in Tulsa, teeth cleanings have even been done under nitrous oxide. We have found that a lot of patients, even for something as simple as a Tulsa teeth cleaning want to be asleep. We’re always happy for our very anxious patients to provide those services. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning