Tulsa Dental is a comprehensive dental clinic. We provide all kinds of services. We have an amazing hygienist whose been practicing in the area for over 20 years. She does basic and deep cleanings for people who have periodontal disease. We provide services including fillings, extractions, dentures, crowns. We do a lot of cosmetic procedures as well with people who just want their teeth bleached or veneers to correct minor problems. We encourage people to come in, do a consultation, tell us what they don’t like about their smile and then let us diagnose it. Start from the bottom, up, get their gums and their bone healthy, work on their teeth and then go from there. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning




I’m Dr. Mariam Hanna, DDS, and I started Tulsa Dental in midtown Tulsa. We are located off of Harvard and 35th Street, and we have one of the best practices, in my opinion, in Tulsa. This is where you can come for any Tulsa teeth cleaning you need. We have a hygienist that has been practicing for over 20 years in the area. She’s absolutely amazing. We really pride ourselves on diagnosing patients correctly after they get their teeth cleanings and we really want people to understand why we’re doing what we do, why we treatment plan the way we do. We want everyone to come in and have an open dialogue with us, and really find out what we’re all about. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

I chose this location because I really wanted to be in the heart of the city. A lot of people, even though they don’t live in midtown, they commute here, they work in the hospitals around here, and we really wanted to provide this service for them. We love Tulsa, and the teeth cleanings that we provide here I think are priceless. We have an amazing hygienist, everyone who comes in here has given us rave reviews about our services. One of the best advantages of having an office in this location is that it’s conveniently off of the Broken Arrow express way. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

People pass by it all the time, they always tell us how, “Oh yeah, I take that exit all the time.” We really love this location. Even if people don’t live here, a lot of people commute in to midtown to work, and so they find it really convenient to leave work a little early, stop in here, get their teeth clean and then head home. This way they get it done, they get it out of the way, and they’re finished with their Tulsa teeth cleaning in just a few short minutes and they’re on their way home. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

My practice is Tulsa Dental. I am Dr. Mariam Hanna, DDS. I perform a lot of surgical procedures because I did a residency at LSU Charity Hospital in New Orleans specifically in oral surgery. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

My training was very intense and it really helped me learn how to perform oral surgery safely and confidently on patients. I also received a conscious sedation license. I found that to come in very handy because a lot of people have dental anxiety regarding anything but especially getting teeth extracted.

Here at Tulsa Dental, in addition to providing Tulsa teeth cleanings, you will be able to get extractions, dentures, bone grafts. Anything that you have been told in the past that you need, we can do it all here, in-house.

It’s really important to us here at Tulsa Dental that we don’t refer people out for everything. Number one, they have gotten to know us. They are comfortable in our office. And they don’t want to be referred out if they don’t have to be. They don’t want to get to know a new doctor and a new staff. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

I’m very highly trained in extractions, and bone grafts, and other dental procedures that require surgery. Ninety-nine percent of the time, patients will enjoy being in our office to have their oral surgery procedures performed.

The first step I always tell people to do here in Tulsa is have their teeth cleaned with us. Have their exam done, their X-rays performed so that we can get an accurate diagnosis of what’s going on with their mouth. Once they come in, then we can diagnose all the oral surgery procedures that they may need. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

Tulsa Dental is located in the heart of mid-town Tulsa. Teeth cleanings are the most important thing we encourage patients to get done. Once they’ve come in for their cleanings, their exam, their X-rays, then we can diagnose all the oral surgery procedures that they may need.

A lot of people are in pain. We’re always happy to see people on an emergency basis to get them out of pain or to remove teeth that have been bothering them. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning