Extractions (Wisdom & Non-restorable Teeth): An extraction is removal of a tooth from the bone due to decay, abscesses, gum disease or trauma. Some patients may also need teeth removed before braces can be put on in order to make more room for orthodontic treatment.  After being numbed, the tooth can be removed from the alveolar bone by elevating and rocking the tooth (simple extraction) or by flapping back the gums and surgically removing the bone surrounding the tooth (surgical extraction).  Wisdom teeth often require removal so that patients can access their molars and keep them clean, or when they cause a patient pain.

Medically Complex Patients: Dr. Hanna has extensive experience with patients who are on multiple medications or have had procedures that require them to be on blood thinners, Dr. Hanna takes a team approach with your physicians and is comfortable performing safe surgeries without discontinuing your necessary medications.

Bone Contouring for Dentures: After removal of teeth, patients sometimes find that sharp pieces of bone or unevenness of the jaw arises. Dr. Hanna tries to remove these sharp edges during surgery but sometimes they show up weeks or months after surgery and another procedure is required to smooth them out.  This is extremely important if dentures are going to be needed.  Bone contouring can also be used to remove tori on the upper and lower jaws.  These are not a problem if patients have all their teeth but if dentures are needed, again, bone must be reduced and smoothed out.